Rules of etiquette


The rules of etiquette that appear in the book of rules of the Royal Spanish Golf Federation will be taken into account, with special attention to the arrangement of pikes, replacement of chops and raking of bunkers.

To go out to the course it is essential to be in possession of the appropriate Federal License, being necessary to have an official golf handicap.

Players are responsible for also having Civil Liability Insurance for playing golf in Spain.

To go out to the field it is recommended to be 10 minutes before on the tee, and follow the instructions of the Caddy Master. respect the Players must give way if they lose more than one hole away.

Buggies may not be driven by minors. Bags, trolleys and buggies are totally prohibited on the Tee, Green and Antegreen.

DRESS STANDARDS Mandatory the use of golf shoes (without metallic nails). The use of jeans or swimming trunks is prohibited. The use of shirt or shirt without collar is prohibited


  • OUT OF THE LIMITS (Rule 2.1)

The boundaries of the field are defined by lines and white stakes, fences and electric shepherd supports with white paint and constructions and curbs of the asphalt streets that delimit the field, prevailing in this order.

When the stakes that define the FL are located on the edge of a road, the out-of-bounds line will be defined by the same edge of said road.

  • IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS (Rule 16.1) In addition to those defined by the Rules.

All country roads.


Holes 5 and 10: There are optional drop zones for balls that, playing said holes, lie in the AP or are known or virtually true.

In PAs with only a few stakes, these indicate, but do not define. The boundary of the AP is defined by the grass at the water’s edge.

Hole 18: The AP is defined by paint and / or stakes prevailing in this order. In the part of the AP that has wooden planks, the limit of the plank is defined by the edge closest to the water of the planks.


Procedimientos del Comité. Sección 8E-3: 20 centímetros. Penalidad por infracción de esta regla local Juego por golpes “Stroke Play”: 2 golpes – Juego por hoyos “Match Play”: pérdida de hoyo

Las siguientes Reglas Locales Permanentes juntamente con cualquier otro añadido o corrección, que en cada campo publique la FCG se aplicarán en todos los campeonatos y torneos que organice la FCG.

El texto completo de cualquier Regla Local abajo referenciada se puede encontrar en las Reglas de Golf – Guía Oficial en vigor desde el 1 de enero de 2019.


Except where otherwise specified, the penalty for a breach of a Local Rule is the general penalty (loss of hole in match play or two strokes in stroke play).

  • OUT OF LIMITS (Rule 18.2)

Beyond any wall, fence, fence or white stakes that define the boundary of the field.

When the out-of-bounds is defined by white stakes or fence posts (excluding angle brackets), the out-of-bounds line is determined by the points closest to the field of said stakes, posts, fences, etc., at level of soil. A ball is out of bounds when all of it is beyond that line.

When the boundaries are defined by a solid white line, this line defines the out of bounds. A ball is out of bounds when all of it lies on or beyond that line.

A ball that crosses a road defined as out of bounds and ends up beyond that road is out of bounds, even though it may lie elsewhere on the course.

  • PENALTY AREA (Rule 17)
    When a penalty area joins a field boundary, the edge of the penalty area extends to and coincides with the boundary.

    When it is known or virtually certain that a player’s ball has come to rest in any penalty area, where the ball last crossed the margin of the penalty area at a point that coincides with the boundary of the field, the option to relief in the opposite margin will be available under Model Local Rule B-2.1

Droping zones for penalty areas:

In the event that a dropping zone is marked for a penalty area, this will be an additional option under the penalty of one stroke. The dropping zone is a relief area under Rule 14.3, which means that a ball must be dropped within the relief area and come to rest within it.


Land under repair:

Any area marked with a solid or dashed white line or blue stakes.

  • Grass covered cable trenches.
  • Drains (drainage ditches filled with stones).
  • Boards of sod. In force the Model Local Rule F-7

Paint marks of distance or points on the putting green or in an area of ​​the general area cut off at the fairway or below must be considered as ground under repair, from which relief is permitted under Rule 16.1. There is no interference if the distance or dot paint marks only interfere with the player’s stance.

Relief for interference by the player’s placement in a hole, debris or path made on the course by a burrowing animal, reptile, bird or fowl is not allowed, but by the position (lie) of the ball or area of ​​play. swing to effect. Local rule model F-6.

Immovable obstructions

The areas marked with white lines and the immovable obstruction to which they are attached are treated as a single abnormal field condition.

Landscaped areas and anything growing in them that are completely surrounded by an immovable obstruction are treated as a single abnormal field condition.

Roads or paths covered with wood chips or similar. Individual pieces of wood chips are loose impediments.

Recessed ball

Rule 16.3 is amended to read as follows: No penalty-free relief is allowed for a ball embedded in a turf wall in a bunker.


The following are integral objects of which relief without penalty is not allowed:

Bunker linings in their intended situation. Wires, cables, wrapping, or other objects when closely attached to trees and other permanent objects. Artificial retaining walls and posts when located within penalty areas.


If the ball hits an overhead power line or cable, the stroke is canceled and the player must play a ball as close as possible to the spot from which the original ball was played, in accordance with Rule 14-6.

Exception: If, as a result of a hit, a ball strikes an elevated cable tie section rising from the ground, the hit shall not be replayed.


They cannot be used in competitions reserved for youngest, fry, children, cadets, boys, girls and / or juniors. The penalty for violation of this rule is:

Match Play: loss of hole, Stroke Play: two strokes, repeat offense: disqualification.

Together, the R & A, based in St Andrews, Scotland, and the USGA, based in Liberty Corner, New Jersey, conduct golf around the world, including the writing and interpretation of the Rules of Golf.

While collaborating to issue a single set of Rules, the R&A and the USGA operate in separate jurisdictions. The USGA is responsible for administering the Rules in the United States, its territories and Mexico, and the R&A, operating with the consent of its affiliated golf bodies, has the same responsibilities for the rest of the world. The R&A and the USGA reserve the right to modify both the Rules and their interpretations at any time.

If you wish to consult the golf rules, you can do so by clicking here.


  • Polo shirts with collar and sleeves.
  • Ladies can wear collared and sleeveless polo shirts.
  • Polo shirts inside pants are long or short.
  • Classic cut Bermuda shorts or trousers.
  • Studded golf shoes (no metal studs).


  • Camisetas de cualquier tipo.
  • Pantalones vaqueros de cualquier color, pantalones tipo militares con bolsillos a los lados o de otro tipo deportivo.
  • Pantalones cortos de deporte, de baño, de trabajo o vaqueros.
  • Deportivas, sandalias o zapatos de golf  con clavos de metal.